Top Security Technology Trends

Are you the person responsible for your organization’s security management? If that is the case you need to be aware of all the latest trends in security technology. In case you are planning to deploy a security system on one of the new sites, you should not consider deploying a legacy security technology like stand-alone systems and CCTV cameras, because these technologies have an incremental decrease in the ROI every year.

Today, big companies are continuously looking out for those security systems, which can lead to improved business efficiency. Additionally, several emerging technologies provide instant advantages and are not cumbersome to be integrated with the existing security system. Check out some of the key security technology trends.

Integrated security systems

An integrated security system in its truest sense integrates different components with a access control system and yet belongs as a part of a larger and extremely sophisticated security system. Integrated security systems can seamlessly integrate various components such as CCTV, public address system, access controls, intruder alarms, fence alarms, fire alarms and much more inside only one system.

Web-based security solutions

This is a recent form of access control, which is done electronically. Unlike majority of the existing electronic systems that use dedicated servers and local networks, a web-based security system dies security management through an Internet connection.

While server-based security systems need costly server installations and can be technically challenging, a web-based security system needs only one network appliance, which can be easily installed, and configuration can be completed within a few minutes instead of hours. Such attributes make a web-based security solution to be ideal for temporary offices, or remote or small sites.

Video Surveillance service SaaS or Video Surveillance “as a service” enables companies to manage and store footage of surveillance with the secure data storage of a service provider. Additionally, it also enables businesses to leverage on the prevailing infrastructure for system management and cloud storage without spending money got dedicated hardware like network video recorders.

The service exists in three different forms, which are as follows:

Data storage takes place locally but managed at its data center

Both storing and managing of sell surveillance footage find at data centers

Services offering a mix of both the above approaches

Wireless access control solutions

Unlike legacy, electronic access control for security that sends signals through cables that have been laid in walls, floors, and doors, a wireless access control system sends data to the control panels of the system through a wireless signal.

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