Use of ANPR cameras

ANPR, which is the acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition is perhaps the next much-anticipated product to hit the world by a storm in general and the United Kingdom, in particular. It is interesting to note that it has already been on the path of being the most influential earner for several installation companies, although pundits have predicted a huge growth in network systems, it did not happen that way in reality. A big concern is that it bypasses network barriers, as well as the requirements of bandwidth, got obscured.

How is ANPR technology different?

ANPR technology has been within the knowledge scope of the various CCTV companies though there are certain fresh technologies and terminologies to be acquainted with. Similar to the earlier new developments, the industry has a lot of scope for delivering misinformation and hype. If not knowledgeable about this theory, there could be many pitfalls that could be detrimental for both the installers and the customers.

Core technology used also the iris recognition system has a bundled security to be used together with ANPR cameras for security.

Have you tried scanning a document on your computer and then opening it in a word processor? If you have done so, you are aware that it is not possible to alter or edit that file. The reason for this us several thousands of pixels get combined to produce only one bitmap. But there is software, which can transform these set of pixels as characters. It is known as OCR or Optical Character Recognition that can scan the different sets of pixels and assesses the presence of a letter do that it can change it to its corresponding ASCII code.

ANPR uses this basic technology called OCR and it has the ability to store as well as sort data. The cameras using ANPR system should be specially designed. Whenever any vehicle comes near the camera, a set of snapshots are scanned for vital camera and thereafter it saves them in a file. If the size of the number plate is adequate for an OCR software, scanning will be fine for the frame and that particular vehicle registration number is translated into its equivalent ASCII code, the process will go on for a group of images, analyzing the vehicle’s position and speed. The list created will then be scanned to see if there are any similarities and then the most preferred one is retained. Typically, the systems scan about 10 to 15 images and compares them. Usually, five images are regarded to be the minimum number for a high level of accuracy.

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